With the arrival of Conte in government, the "Family and Disability Ministry.".
The new Ministry has the task of taking care of people with functional limitations and the elderly living in Italy.

Its establishment, however, divides associations.
This Disability Ministry aims to ensure an adequate and better future with respect to the most fragile people.
National President ANFFAS (National Association of Families of People with Intellectual and/or Relational Disabilities) states that, despite good intentions, the ministry may prove categorizing of a world in need of cross-cutting and inclusive policies instead.

The hope is that this is not an event that aims solely at aesthetic originality, but rather that the intent is to create a state liaison with the regions that ensures the concrete and correct implementation of the rules and rights of people with disabilities, also making their families fully participate in the various aspects of daily life, namely; health, work, school and social inclusion.

That said, it is certainly possible contact the Office to receive information or report general problems using the emails below:

or by calling 06 6779 5340 (active Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

The best recommended way to receive a response in a short time from the office is to send the email above.


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