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Online Rental and Sale
of Sanitary Equipment and Aids
for the Elderly and Disabled

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  • Orthopaedic Articles
  • Health Aids

Rome | Florence

Online Rental and Sale
of Sanitary Equipment and Aids
for the Elderly and Disabled

What we do for you


Our rental products are aids with advanced technology and include accessories when needed.


We deliver in a maximum of 24 hours and all our medical aids are redeemable for sale.


You can book and pay for medical aids online with the certainty of the best price on the market.


Health aids of the best brands and a line of aids of our own production, sanitised between rentals.


What people who have tried our services say

"I phoned them in the morning at around 08.30 for an urgent need for a hospital-type bed rental, at 11.00 the same day they arrived at the house to assemble it! Excellent service, I highly recommend it. Also polite and professional was the guy who came to the house to assemble it."


"Extremely professional service, they were courteous, helpful and quick. The online order was processed in a short time and they met all requirements, a saving grace in a difficult time."


My uncle who recently got injured decided to rent a scooter. Thanks to this, he was independent and could roam around the city. Service was excellent and couldn't recommend this company enough. From delivery to pick up everything went smooth and scooter was brand new

Sheldon Mallia


What I believe in,
has become my job.

I am Ingrid, owner of Mia Medical Italia.

My goal is to enable any person with disabling problems, permanent or temporary, to take care of their body.

My wish is to enhance a socially useful service.

That is why I founded Mia Medical Italia, an online service that offers its customers short- or long-term rental of:

  • Orthopaedic articles for rehabilitation
  • Health aids for home care
  • Home physiotherapy equipment

I decided to do this by offering a wide range of professional rental products to be had in the comfort of your own home, at affordable prices, throughout Italy.

Fast and Safe Hire

See our
aids in action

Why we decided to dedicate ourselves to people

About Us

Mia Medical Italia is the shape and colour of our passion. In 2004, we began our journey in the world of healthcare, a world that involved and enveloped us right from the start and into which we decided to put something of our own, something that could add value.

Behind Mia Medical is a team of people who are sensitive and motivated to help improve people's well-being. Ingrid, Nicholas, Davide, Roberto and Chiara are the voice, the smiles and the know-how of Mia Medical.

We know that mobility problems, temporary or otherwise, besides representing moments of physical difficulty are emotions and feelings that affect a person's psychological state. Our aim is to be there where support is needed because the right medical aid, assistance in making choices, speed of delivery, on the surface are just services but in reality they are values that intervene by improving or alleviating certain situations.

Offering freedom of movement is a source of pride for us.

We collaborate with...

We set up several collaborations to achieve the
our goal to be there wherever and whenever you need medical help.

  • Fasi Srl
  • Italian and foreign tour operators
  • Rome Tourist Guides
  • Hotel facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Nursing homes


Frequently asked questions we answer most often. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.

If the aid you have hired breaks down or is defective, it will be replaced within 12 to 24 hours of your call. The number to contact is 3926509237.

If you have questions on how to use the aid, or if you have any difficulties, you can request our video tutorials. If you need technical advice, please call 3926509237. One of our technicians will help you solve your problems.

The concept The more you rent the less you pay, is designed to save all our customers money. In the event of early return of rented aids, for reasons outside the control of MIA MEDICAL, there is no refund for unused rental days.

MIA MEDICAL offers you the possibility of trying the aid at home (with only transport costs). If you are satisfied, you can turn your trial into a purchase or your trial will turn into a rental with the formula that suits you best.

Remember that if you go abroad with an aid that is powered by an electric battery, you will have the following requirements: you will have to inform the airline or cruise line in advance that you will be bringing an electric orthopaedic aid with a battery. You will need the technical data sheets of the aid and its battery. If it is a manual wheelchair, you will need the measurements.

Send your request by email to: [email protected]

also remember that in the event of malfunctioning or breakdown of the aid, we will only assist you via telephone channels.