"I believe in the value of every person,
in helping and giving assistance'.

I am Ingrid and it is a pleasure for me to be able to help you. I am the creator of M.I.A. Medical Italia (Moving In Autonomy)

In 2021, MIA Medical Italia became an innovative start-up and a finalist in the competition for the Fondazione Marzotto Special Prize with the Universabile project.

Today, MIA Medical Italia is the first company to provide medical aids for hire online:

  • Persons with reduced mobility
  • People who have suffered an injury
  • Sports Centres
  • Care clinics
  • Accommodation facilities
  • Italian and Foreign Tour Operator

The Mia Medical team

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My name is Ingrid and I am the founder of Mia Medical Italia.

In 1992, I graduated from the Turbigo High School in Paris, France. The following year, I decide to leave to broaden my horizons, and I land in Rome where, in addition to learning the language, I embark on a career path that will form the basis of my professional background. When I can, I travel with my backpack around the world, discovering other cultures, other realities.
However, in 1996, I decide to go to London to improve my English. There, I start a path in business management.
All these experiences confirm to me that Italy is the country where I want to settle.
In 1998 I started my first commercial enterprise. In 2005 I attended the Institute of Human Sciences (ISU) where I learned various techniques in the field of postural physiotherapy. In 2006 I took over the first Sanitaria in Rome, an experience that allowed me to specialise in orthopaedic products and aids while also acquiring important administrative skills related to the prosthetic sector by interfacing with the Local Health Authority (A.S.L.). In 2009, I sold the company to enter into partnership with professionals in the sector and started a specialised orthopaedic practice that is still in operation and very successful.

In 2014, I decided to strike out on my own by setting up the company 'Carrozzine Roma' with the intuition of the concept of home rental/payment/delivery of home aids.  In 2016, from its success, a new reality was born, an innovative startup, M.I.A. (Movimento In Autonomia) Medical Italia, which remains to this day the only e-commerce on the web where it is possible to choose and finalise the rental of any equipment or aid for long-stay care and home physiotherapy through online payment, with no hidden costs, guaranteeing delivery in 12/24 hours.

Do you want to contribute to helping people in difficult situations? Collaborate with us.

Provide your customers with the best assistive health aids at competitive prices

Achieving MIA Medical's mission means offering the best medical aid, the best pre-sales and after-sales service at the best price to more companies that want to help disabled people (temporarily or permanently) live a life with greater autonomy and freedom of movement.

If you are:

  • Healthcare company
  • Rehabilitation Clinic
  • Nursing home for the elderly
  • Experienced rehabilitation professional

  • Hotel structure
  • Hospitality facilities such as museums, auditoriums, cinemas, etc.


What People Who Have Tried Our Services Say

I needed a scooter after my mother was injured during a holiday to Rome. The company was very responsive and delivered us a scooter the same day. They also picked up the scooter when we departed. Super easy, affordable, and convenient. Saved our holiday!

Emily K

I needed a same-day wheelchair rental. After trying two other companies and receiving no reply, I contacted MIA and they immediately arranged to have the wheelchair delivered to my hotel within a few hours. They also picked it up from the hotel when we were finished with it. Great service and nice people to interact with.

Tom Trahan

I can only give more than positive feedback! Regarding the delivery: I made the request to hire a hospital bed with anti-decubitus mattress at 5 p.m. and by 10 a.m. it had already been delivered.
As far as quality is concerned: the product is in top condition and very clean.
I would also add the great friendliness of the company and the completeness of the information provided to me.

GinaMarie Ferrara-Dennis

My mum needed a wheelchair to roam around Rome and Vatican for a couple of days. The team was very responsive and was able to deliver and pick up the wheelchair as and when asked. Highly recommended!

Emily Marienesse QuinoK

Excellent company, excellent products offered as well as courtesy, punctuality, precision and professionalism. The service offered was the rental of an electric orthopaedic bed with anti-decubitus mattress for an elderly family member unable to move. Product delivered promptly new and fully functional for all the time used.

claudia santoro

The best service ever, they are nice, helpful, polite, and really quick.

I really recomend it, our weelchair was perfect and they deliver and pick it up.

Really good place ?

Carla Planells Gomila

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