High-risk anti-decubitus mattress rental

High-risk anti-decubitus mattress rental

High Risk Mattress Rental for decubitus up to stage 4.

Load capacity up to 280KG

Anti-decubitus mattress also available for sale

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In order to choose the rental of an anti-decubitus mattress  high risk suited to a patient's needs, several criteria must be considered.

The first stage of decubitus takes into account superficial phenomena (skin colouring).

The second stage of decubitusconsiders a partial skin lesion.

The third stage of decubitusdetects a full-thickness skin lesion.

The fourth stage of decubitus  includes cases where the evolution of the lesion is total.

The high-risk mattress from MIA MEDICAL ITALIA is suitable for patients with stage 4 decubitus.

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