Hostability" for accessible tourism in Rome

Hostability. Young people with disabilities as tourism entrepreneurs: the project funded by the Lazio Region to overcome the concept of a protected category.

On October 4, in Rome, the projectI havestability" at the Faculty of Engineering, Tor Vergata University. The purpose of the project is to facilitate thejob placement In the world of tourism of people with disabilities, particularly in the area of non-hotel facilities such as B&Bs, to create Lazio's first accessible tourism circuit.

The initiative was promoted by the Cooperative in Cape, funded by the Lazio Region. It was realized with the support of the CARIS (University Commission for the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities and DSAs) of theTor Vergata University and of the Job Centers, of theENS (National Board for the Deaf). Important contributions also came from other Associations dedicated to people with different types of disabilities.

Hostability involves training eighteen young people between the ages of 18 and 35 with disabilities. Currently unemployed and interested in managing strictly accessible apartments to accommodate tourists usually hampered by facilities unsuitable for accommodating the disabled. The training period will also provide a total reimbursement of 3,600 euros for ten months of classroom time.

The topics covered by the courses will be specific to tourism and hospitality, but also to communication and marketing To enhance in participants skills ad hoc to cater to future clientele. The goal is to create a true network of accessible apartments throughout the region, triggering a virtuous circuit for theyouth employment of traditionally defined "protected" categories and for a'quality tourism offer.

At the end of the training, the students will be able to manage their own business on the main industry platforms (such as Airbnb, Booking, etc.). They will thus be able to use the skills and tools necessary to cope with an ever-changing and expanding market. Future hosts will not only be entrepreneurs who promote sustainable tourism. They will also be promoters of authentic, quality tourism: They will enhance local culture and traditions by showing guests alternative experiences to classic tourist routes.

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