WheelchairHave you suffered an injury on vacation? Do you temporarily need to rent wheelchairs and accessories in Rome? M.I.A. Medical is the service for you.

If all year round we are at risk of injury, summer is the most dangerous time of the year, so much so that Americans call this season "trauma season." In fact, statistics show how accidents increase exponentially during the summer months. But what are the most common mishaps? How to deal with and prevent them? And how to rent a wheelchair in case of need while on vacation?

More frequent injuries during the vacations

During the summer, the good weather, long days and holiday atmosphere make us want to spend more time outdoors performing physical activity; especially on vacation, caught up in the carefree and enthusiastic, we often improvise a few sports after a whole year of being sedentary. But, beware, playing sports - such as beach tennis, beach volleyball or hiking in the mountains - is one of the situations where the risk of injury is highest. A survey by theSuperior Institute of Health highlighted how every year there are 300,000 Italians encounter accidents during the vacations; Among the most common are, for example, sprained ankle or knee, which mainly affect the more adventurous travelers who are ready to travel arduous mountain trails.

Renting wheelchair on vacation in Rome: M.I.A. Medical is the fast and reliable service

Renting a wheelchair from an experienced and qualified company also means you can receive a Advice on the best solution. Especially if the injury occurs on vacation, one must consider the means of transportation by which to return home and therefore The footprint of the wheelchair and its transportability: Is a plane planned? A train? A car already packed with luggage? Other criteria that only an experienced consultant can evaluate include. maneuvering space, patient autonomy, and patient size. 

So, even in cases of temporary need for a wheelchair, it is always best to rely on professionals. Even better if they are timely. If you are on vacation in the capital and need a wheelchair, call now M.I.A. Medicall to 333 621 0314, the best service for health aids rental in Rome. Don't worry further and rely on us.

How to prevent these accidents while on vacation?

We also learn how to prevent accidents so that we can enjoy the vacation without worry:

  • Before you even leave, it is important to make sure you have accident insurance coverage by taking out travel insurance or extending your own.
  • If you rent mopeds, bicycles or cars, make sure you know the local traffic laws and make sure the vehicle is in good condition.
    Always carry a pair of comfortable walking shoes with you.
  • If you are going on an adventure vacation, don't skimp on equipment. One of the best precautions against injury is quality equipment.
  • If you anticipate a lot of exercise on vacation, start exercising even before you leave, perhaps with long walks.
    Always avoid dangerous actions such as rock climbing or daring dives.

Should an injury occur that momentarily prevents the casualty from walking, it is possible to Hire a wheelchair for the short recovery period. Although this is not a piece of equipment you can live with natural durante, it is equally essential to rely on a professional service that offers certified wheelchairs, properly maintained and sanitized at the end of each rental.