Electric Verticiser

Electric Verticiser

I verticalisers for the elderly and disabled snstruments that help the person with reduced mobility to get into an upright position.

They are also called active lifters. The user is not directly lifted by a sling, but he actively uses it to lift himself up by using his own strength, starting from a sitting position.

It is therefore understood that in order to be able to use this kind of aid, it is necessary for the person to be partly autonomous.

The verticaliser is a valuable aid in the domestic environmentfor the carer, who in this way can make less effort in thehelp the assisted person to get up.

Home delivery 25€ +25€ on collection. 

The collection and return of aids to the warehouse are Free.

From the day(Required)
From the day(Required)

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Interna max: 87 cm – Esterna max: 100 cm

Max. sagittal verticalisation:

29 cm

Arm length:

81 cm

Maximum legroom:

110 cm


Arm 100 to 180 cm


10.5 cm

Maximum capacity

180 Kg


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