LA MAGNETOTERAPIA: una tecnica antichissima, ma che negli ultimi anni fa parlare di sé sempre di più: la magnetoterapia sfrutta i benefici dei campi magnetici a scopo curativo e riabilitativo. Scopriamo cos’è, come funziona e i risultati della magnetoterapia in campo fisioterapico.

Cos’è la magnetotherapy

Some say that the ancient Egyptians already knew and exploited the magnetic fields for curative purposes. What is certain is that in recent years there has been nothing but talk of the benefits of magnetotherapy.

But what does this physiotherapy practice consist of?
What are its areas of application?
Let us get to know it better.

As its name already suggests, magnetotherapy uses the electromagnetic pulses in order to help in the treatment of various symptoms related to inflammatory states or to bone diseases. Pulsed magnetic fields interact with cellular structures, promoting the recovery of physiological conditions. In addition, magnetotherapy stimola la circolazione sanguigna, migliorando così l’ossigenazione dei tessuti.
All’atto pratico, questi effetti si traducono in analgesia, riduzione dell’infiammazione e stimolo al riassorbimento degli edemi. In più i campi magnetici pulsati hanno un particolare effetto di stimolazione della migrazione degli ioni Calcio all’interno dei tessuti ossei, che è in grado di indurre il consolidamento della massa ossea e favour so fracture repair.
Magnetotherapy therefore risulta efficace nella riduzione del dolore, stimola lo scambio cellulare, favorisce l’ossigenazione dei tessuti and reduces healing time after fractures.

How magnetotherapy works

Having clarified that magnetotherapy uses electromagnetic fields to treat certain pathologies, let's try to understand how it works.This therapy makes use of a device consisting of a solenoid inside which an electromagnetic field of variable frequency is generated: from a few hertz to a few thousand. The frequencies used depend on the disorder to be treated. Our cells are able to generate an electromagnetic field in response to a mechanical stimulus: this ability is called piezoelectricity and magnetotherapy is able to reproduce it, thus speeding up healing.The waves used in magnetotherapy are of the non-ionising and non-invasive type, do not present i.e. biological risk for the patient and for the practitioner applying the therapy as they are not absorbed by organs or tissues.
The most modern MAGNETOTHERAPY EQUIPMENT has features that are highly appreciated by patients: can in fact be used comfortably at home thanks to the possibility of rental. Of course, this does not mean that one can completely disregard the supervision of a professional: the expertise of an expert in the field is needed to tailor the therapy to the needs of the person to be treated.

M.I.A. MEDICAL ITALIA rents magnetotherapy equipment to carry out sessions at home with the assistance of a professional who installs it. This is the real revolution for those in need of therapy.

Contraindications of magnetotherapy

Although magnetotherapy is a decidedly non-invasive type of treatment, then alcuni casi particolari ne è sconsigliata l’applicazione. In fact, if you have pacemakers or other devices inserted into your body, the electromagnetic waves could interfere with their functioning and it is therefore better to avoid this type of therapy.
Infine, non è il caso di sottoporsi alla magnetoterapia durante la gravidanza e l’allattamento, ma anche in presenza di malattie cardiache, tumori o ipertiroidismo.
In general, however, it can be said that themagnetotherapy is a safe treatment and that there are very few contraindications.


Would you like to experience the benefits of magnetotherapy?