When is it necessary to use an anti-decubitus mattress?        

If a person is bedridden for a long time due to an injury or disease, it is important to use an anti-decubitus mattress . This aid allows, in fact, a'adequate perspiration of the skinAvoiding the formation of lesions, skin and subcutaneous sores. In severe cases, tissue ischemia may also occur: this pathology involves the closing of pores and capillaries, causing a degenerative process that can evolve into necrosis due to lack of oxygen.

All of this is avoidable and preventable through the use of appropriate anti-decubitus aids. Here's how.

How do anti-decubitus mattresses work ?

An anti-decubitus mattress allows the skin to breathe and gives comfort and well-being to the user. The aid reduces appreciably The friction and pressure between the mattress and the bodydisperses heat and moisture and allows the body to maintain Proper posture to avoid back pain.

The types of mattress to choose from :

You can choose from a variety of models based on both personal needs and materials:

  • Mattresses equipped with air bubbles: they are placed on the mattress you already have and inflate and deflate thanks to a compressor, exerting a gentle massage. They require a mains connection and are ideal for those with mild sores. This solution allows sheets to be changed often so that the patient is assured of excellent personal hygiene.
  • Water mattresses: they have a floating action and minimize pressure, and can be adjusted by a mechanical system. Disadvantages : they have a substantial weight. 
  • Memory mattresses and polyurethane foams: ensure perfect ventilation between body and mattress, reducing pressure on the skin. 
  • Silicone hollow mattresses: are hollow on the inside, are made of polyester and are waterproof and very stretchy. They are mainly suitable for thin and longline people.

In addition to mattresses, anti-decubitus pillow is also available, capable of bringing additional comfort to the lives of bedridden people.

Therefore, it is important to make the best choice, considering the needs of patients and loved ones.

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