Rent a walker with underarm

Underarm walker rental in Rome and Province and in Florence and Province for home physiotherapy.

In life there are numerous occasions for which it is useful to rely on the rental or hire of an axillary walker. Some examples?

  • Post-operative lower limb surgery. We speak for example of fracture of the femur and fracture of the hip, knee, malleolus and patella;
  • Physical rehabilitation: Post-surgery is an important phase aimed at recovering mobility and our functionality;
  • Weakness in the upper limbs. It can happen that our arms cannot support the weight of the body with just the use of a pair of crutches.
    This is why, as the best solution, we opt for a comfortable axillary walker for hire. 
  • If we have EQUILIBRIUM problems, it can be a relief to always be able to count on stable support.
  •      And so on...Sometimes little is needed to live better!
  • Rent and hire axillary walker for physiotherapy in Rome and province and Florence and province. Book your walker rental online now!

Rent a walker with underarm

Walkers for the elderly and for leg physiotherapy in Rome and its province and in Florence and its province.

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