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Sale Comfortable upholstered chair


Sale of the comfortable upholstered chair With small dimensions. And essential but complete in detail.

It can be used as

  • toilet chair
  • simple wheelchair
  • If the size of the room allows, directly on the toilet as a Water riser
  • shower chair.
  • La comfortable chair is made of aluminum, is not afraid of water and is lightweight for transportation.

Fully detachable.



La comfortable upholstered chair Has small dimensions, essential but complete in details. It can be used as comfy chair, or, if the size of the toilet bowl and the size of the room allow, directly on the toilet.
Folding armrests to ensure maximum comfort when moving sideways 4 swivel casters, 2 of which have parking brakes. Quick-release footrests. Footrests, height-adjustable, fold-down, complete with heel straps.


55×89 cm (interior 39×45 cm)


96 cm

Seat width

43 cm

Depth sitting

43 cm

Seating height

53 cm

Maximum capacity

100 kg

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