Electric Wheelchair Rental

From 6 € per day

Cost per day for a 45-day wheelchair rental and lease.

Home delivery 15€ +15€ upon pickup of electric wheelchair. 

Wheelchair pickup and return to the warehouse is Free.

From day(Required)

M.I.A MEDICAL ITALY gives you the opportunity to rent your electric wheelchair from the comfort of your home.

Electric Wheelchair rental in Rome online is safe, reliable and guaranteed. Electric wheelchair rental is ideal for those who need to move for even long distances .

Thanks to its small size, the electric wheelchair M.I.A MEDICAL ITALY  allows a comfortable mobility, is equipped with a folding system and has a total footprint of 63 cm.

La electric wheelchair rental  is safe and agile even in small spaces. (e.g., elevators, home environments, corridors, narrow passageways). It is equipped with an intelligent controller. It is dynamic and ergonomic and can be mounted on either armrest.

Scope of the electric wheelchair : up to 150kg. Thanks to its booklet closure , further reduces its already small size. The electric wheelchair can be stored anywhere.


L'wheelchair rental in Rome, as well as the wheelchair rental in Rome is useful for those who need to make both long and short trips, such as the disabled and patients temporarily unable to walk, due to injury or trauma.

The electric wheelchair rental  in Rome has never been easier, thanks to our electric wheelchair rental online, moving to Rome or any other city will no longer be an obstacle! Save money with our policy the more you rent, the less you pay. With no hidden costs!

How long do you want to book it for?

3 days - 70 €, 7 days - 100 €, 15 days - 140 €, 30 days 250 €, 45 days - 350 €.