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Magnetoterapia CEMP professionale

A partire da 2,50€ al giorno

Cost per day for a 45-day rental.

Home delivery 15€ +15€ at pickup. 

The collection of the equipment in the shop is Free !

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PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) magnetotherapy is a therapeutic technique. For the regeneration of the physiological balance of damaged tissues. In the treatment of various symptoms related to inflammatory states or bone pathologies.

It works on the osteoarticular and musculoskeletal system, bringing excellent benefits to patients.

La MAGNETOTHERAPY CEMP is not only of extraordinary support against the problems deriving from chronic diseases but it brings high benefits also to halve the recovery time for sportsmen. The magnetotherapy, moreover, has a consistent therapeutic efficacy on those who have undergone interventions, speeding up healing times.

It works at electricity in order to be able to comfortably carry out night therapies.

The magnetotherapy CEMP Bio MAG 2000 + is a device characterized by the simplicity of use and the numerous possibilities of useIt is in fact suitable as antalgic and regenerative therapy, bone and cartilage reconstruction.

Re-Life contains 30 pre-set low-frequency programs, with parameters for the most common applications, plus 1 high-frequency scan. The device also has 5 free memories.

The magnetotherapy works on electric current and rechargeable battery; it also comes with a convenient carrying case for transportation and therapy at home.


  • Fractures - Osteoporosis - Joints - Edema - Sprains - Tendonitis
  • Lumbago - Circulatory - Acute pain - Chronic pain - Necrosis
  • Bursitis - Acute epicondylitis - Foot tendonitis - Cervical - Sciatica
  • Acne - Cellulite - Wrinkles - Stretch Marks - Arthritis - Periarthritis - Arthropathies
  • Arthrosis Small Joints - Arthrosis Large Joints
  • Coxoarthritis - Dislocations - Contractures - Myositis

The device is recommended both for problems resulting from chronic diseases but also for the recovery of athletes.

AVAILABLE OPTIONS for CEMP Magnetotherapy - mattress 170×50 cm - cushion 45×45 cm - band applicator -

Our machines are equipped with preset protocols for use domiciliary easy and intuitive.

The rental of the device includes the delivery within 24 hours after call. The functioning of the device will be explained and all the necessary indications will be provided in order to carry out the therapy in the most effective and comfortable way.