Kinetec CPM Advance knee/hip

From 8 € per day

Cost per day for a 30-day rental.

Home delivery 15€ +15€ at pickup. 

The collection of the equipment in the shop is Free !

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Kinetec CPM (Continuous Passive Motion), through a movement of flexion-extension, allows the mobilization of the knee and hip in the recovery and rehabilitation phases, after traumas or surgical operations, favoring a rapid return to the functionality of the joints and preventing stiffness. It also improves the mechanical properties of damaged ligaments and stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation, decreasing the risk of thrombosis and emboli.


The rental of the device Kinetec CPM knee is indispensable in the first phase of post-operative rehabilitation. If you do not have a rehabilitation protocol related to your surgery, you can request it for free online or directly to our therapist.


The use of Kinetec CPM does not involve no trauma or pain to the patient.


The kinetec thanks to an anatomically correct movement and an electronic system very reliablerepresents the ideal solution to achieve optimal therapeutic results in the treatment of home rehabilitation.


KNEE FLEXION - 10° /0°/120° HIP EXTENSION/FLEXION 0°/7°/115°