A walker helps you in the everyday mobilityUsing a walker, you have
greater support and stability and, consequently, greater autonomy. With
a walker for elderly people, suitable for both indoor and
outside, you will be greatly facilitated. Which one to choose depends, among other things,
by how you wish to use it.

The reason for buying a walker is to get more stability and security
in the movement
. To choose the right one, you have to answer four simple

  • Where will you mainly use the walker?
  • You have little space at home, or you often travel by car, by bus, on the
    train or plane?
  • Do you tire easily during your walks and hikes?
  • Which walker is suitable for your build (height, weight, etc.)?
Where will you use the walker?

If you need to use your walker mainly indoors,
you could choose a rollator walker for indoor use or a walker
for the elderly
. They are light, compact, easy to store, have spikes and/or wheels
scratch-resistant, they provide security and stability in domestic environments. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a
walker for outside the home, as you need to cover more distances
long, even on somewhat uneven terrain, better to choose a walker
rollator for outdoor use.

Are you short of space at home? Do you often travel by car or with
the means?

For those who have little space at home or need to transporting the walker at
car, bus, train or plane, we recommend choosing a
lightweight folding walkerwhich you can fold in two, making it still
more compact and transportable, in a convenient bag supplied. This is ideal
if you want to take it with you on long plane or coach trips.

Material and weight of the walker

The material of a walker is always important, regardless of the
whether you want to buy it for domestic or outdoor use. I
most common materials are steel, aluminium and carbon.

Lightweight walker

A walker is defined as light when weighs less than 8 kg. A
lightweight walker is easy to push, manoeuvre and even lift:
therefore very suitable if you have less energy in your arms and hands. For
to achieve the low weight of this product, components and
lightweight materials such as, for example, aluminium or carbon.
Sometimes people think that an aluminium or carbon walker is less robust
than a steel one. These materials are more than durable and sufficient to
sor bear persons weighing up to 140 kg. They offer the advantage of weighing only 5 to 8
kg. In addition, the design is often more modern and attractive.

Do you tire easily when walking?

The rollator walker is intended for outdoor use, where it is more complicated to find
places to sit. If you get tired quickly during your walk,
you should prefer a rollator walker with seator
a 2in1 hybrid walkerwhich can be converted into a wheelchair.

Have you ever walked so much that you thought you couldn't do
even one step further? It may happen that, even with the help of your
rollator walker, you don't feel like walking home.
A 2in1 walker can become a pram and be pushed
by the accompanying person, should you be fatigued. So it will no longer be a problem
walk with a rollator or choose to sit like in a wheelchair, and you can
so you can spend a nice day in the city: you can stroll around the historic centre,
rest in your wheelchair while enjoying the lush park and then walk of
back to that nice restaurant you had your eye on, to conclude this
interesting and challenging day.
Make sure the seat is strong and wide enough and can support your

Which walker is suitable for your build?

When choosing a walker for independent movement, you must ensure that
has the correct size for you. If you do not consider this carefully,
you will probably end up with a rollator walker, which does not meet your
needs. What you have to take into account when choosing a walker is the
your height and weight.

Your height (A):
Many walkers are equipped with a seat, so you can sit down to rest when
you get tired after a long journey, or while shopping. The height
of the seat is usually not adjustable, so to have a comfortable seat, where the
your feet touch the ground, it is important to consider the height of the seat, whose
measurement starts from the ground.

To best manoeuvre your walker, maintaining a correct posture of the
body, the handles must be in the correct position. If a walker
rollator is height-adjustable, meaning that you can also adjust the height
of the handles. The biggest problems are usually related to people who are quite tall,
who may need extensions to grasp the handles so

Whichever walking aid you choose, it is very important to
assess the dimensions in relation to your height.

Here are the steps to choose the right size for you:

  • Wear the walking shoes you usually use.
  • Stand upright and keep your arm in a natural position, resting on your side.
  • Ask someone to take the measurement from your wrist to the floor (B). This measurement corresponds to the height of the walker handle. The height, in most rollator walkers, is adjustable, but you should check if your size is within the adjustable range.

Your weight (D):
We have already seen how size is important when choosing the
walkers. The width and weight aspect, in turn, are as binding as
of height.

Many walkers are equipped with a seat, so you can sit down to rest.
The seat width must be aligned with your build: if the seat
too narrow in relation to your hips, you will not be able to sit during your
walk (C).

Furthermore, the width of the seat is crucial for your weight. An object that is too
small, for those with an abundant build, can also create problems in
fact of safety. The maximum weight is always indicated in the data sheet.
An XL rollator walker or bariatric walker is recommended when the
weight exceeds 130 kg. These models can guarantee sufficient stability,
should one wish to sit or move.
Moreover, the oversized dimensions of this object could create
problems in passing through doors: always check the measurements for
choose the most suitable product.

Correct use of the walker
Right handle height
You are now ready to choose one of our walkers available for hire >


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