Today, independence and autonomy are two key elements in people's lives. Sometimes they are limited for reasons beyond our control, such as a disability, an accident or simply the passage of time.
Electric wheelchairs are a perfect solution for regaining lost freedom and improving the quality of life of people who have lost part of their mobility. They are also an excellent alternative for people who, due to their physical characteristics, cannot use a manual wheelchair.

The importance of choosing a suitable wheelchair 

When you want to buy an electric wheelchair for the first time, it can be complicated to find your way around, because you are faced with a wide range of models and brands on the market, with many features and technical data that are difficult to understand.

We know how important it is to choose a good electric wheelchair, which is why we want to help you substantially improve the quality of your life and be completely satisfied.

Ready to meet the challenge? Here is a detailed guide on how to find the right model for your needs.


Frequently asked questions about buying a wheelchair  

Before choosing a wheelchair, ask yourself these questions to see if you should focus on a particular range:

1. What kind of terrain do you travel on?

The type of terrain on which one travels is very important when choosing an electric wheelchair. There are three main elements to consider: the type of wheels, the shock absorption of the wheelchair, and the power.


There are 2 types of wheels: pneumatic and solid.

  • Solid wheels are harder and stronger, but being rigid they transmit more ground vibrations. Wear causes them to lose their homogenous shape, slightly increasing this effect.
  • Pneumatic wheels they absorb shocks better and adhere more to the ground, thus making driving more comfortable, especially when driving long distances or over uneven terrain.

In general, the front wheels of electric wheelchairs are solid, while the rear wheels may vary depending on the model and brand.

If we have to travel over uneven terrain, we will need larger pneumatic wheels to make it easier to travel outdoors and to get a better grip on the ground. In addition, the presence of this type of wheels reduces the 'rattling' of the wheelchair on uneven terrain. It would also be advisable to purchase a wheelchair with more powerful motors and a larger battery capacity if you intend to use the wheelchair on this type of terrain on a regular basis.

If, on the other hand, we use our electric wheelchair on smooth floors such as those in houses or shopping centres, it is sufficient to have smaller, sturdier wheels.

Suspension or shock absorbers 

Suspension or shock absorbers are the system the power wheelchair is equipped with to protect the person from bouncing, bumps or vibrations. It allows the wheelchair to absorb unevenness in the ground and makes it more resistant to shocks.

Electric wheelchairs can be equipped with front or rear shock absorption, or both. For people suffering from hip or back problems, it is advisable for the wheelchair to be fitted with shock absorbers.


The power of the electric wheelchair is determined by the watts (W) of the motor. The higher the power, the less difficult it is to tilt and lower. To be clearer, for example, if the route is on uneven ground with cobblestones and you have to climb up a slope, it is recommended that the wheelchair has pneumatic wheels, cushioning and a minimum power of 200W per motor.

However, if one intends to drive on smooth terrain without slopes, a wheelchair with solid wheels, no suspension and no high power is sufficient.


2. Do you need to travel long distances?

If you have to travel long distances, it is better to opt for a electric wheelchair with ample autonomy.

To know how far you can travel in a wheelchair, you need to consider the Ah of batteries. The Ah (Ampere hours) indicate the battery's charging capacity. The higher the Ah number, the more autonomy the wheelchair will have.

L'autonomy indicates the time or distance that can be travelled without recharging the wheelchair. Keep in mind that the higher the speed, the heavier the occupant, the steeper the gradients... the greater the battery requirement and the shorter the charge duration!

In many models of electric wheelchairs, it is possible to purchase additional batteries to the standard ones. This is very common in ultralight wheelchairs, as they usually have removable batteries and can be changed at any time during the trip. In addition, these batteries are lithium-ion, so their weight and size make them easy to transport while travelling.


3. Do you regularly need to transport your electric wheelchair by car? 

If you often have to store your electric wheelchair in the boot of your car for use in different places, we recommend you opt for a ultralight wheelchair or folding electric wheelchairbecause they are easier to transport.

Folding electric wheelchairs, such as the Mia Medical Electric Folding WheelchairThey are more compact because they are smaller and many of them can be transported on their own wheels like a trolley. This wheelchair fits perfectly in both indoor and outdoor environments due to its small size.

4. Do you need a particularly comfortable and robust electric wheelchair, suitable for large or heavy people?

It is very important to buy an electric wheelchair that is suitable for your weight. The technical specifications of all wheelchairs indicate the maximum weight for which they are designed.

If you are a very large or heavy person, we recommend buying a sturdy electric wheelchair. They usually have the most comfortable seat, the biggest wheels, the strongest frame and the most power, so you can drive it almost anywhere without any problems.

5. Will you drive the wheelchair? Or will an accompanying person take care of it?

Some models offer the possibility of incorporating a joystick or adapterwhich allows the person pushing the wheelchair to drive it instead of the person sitting in it. Before purchasing the wheelchair, we recommend that you consider the option of a joystick for the companion, since the patient may be able to drive it independently at the time of purchase, but with the passage of time may need a person to help him or her. In this case, we recommend ordering the wheelchair already adapted to this possibility.

Another solution may be to install a engine for propulsionan electronic traction device for manual wheelchairs, which can replace all the pushing work done by the carer, and which can be clipped onto the frame.

On our site we offer the possibility of renting the V-Drive Wheelchair Drivewith which it will be very easy to overcome a hill or a bumpy road!

6. Do you want to transport your electric wheelchair by plane?

If you plan to travel by plane and take your electric wheelchair with you, it is important to know that batteries cannot be packed in the hold. You must therefore make sure that the battery compartment is detachable from the rest of the wheelchair.
Most batteries are acid batteries and must have the appropriate data sheet in order to be charged. In any case, you should inquire in advance by contacting the company to find out whether our aid will be accepted.

Our advice, however, is to do a little research to find an organisation in your destination location from which you can rent an electric wheelchair. By doing so, you will be able to travel carefree.

7. What is your budget?

Once you have answered all the above questions, you will know how to choose the type of wheelchair best suited to your needs.

We at Mia Medical Italia will help you choose the electric wheelchair that best suits your budget, based on all your needs!

Electric wheelchair maintenance

The best way to keep your wheelchair in perfect condition is always indicated in the instructions provided by each manufacturer. Here are some general maintenance measures:


Keeping your wheelchair clean is important for several reasons: not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to prevent dust or dirt from coming into contact with the moving parts of the chair, gradually wearing it out.

If the wheelchair is not used for a long period of time or if the place where it is stored is dirty, it is advisable to keep it covered with a cloth.

Do not use chemicals to clean the seat, as they may make it slippery or deteriorate the material from which it is made. To clean it, use a cloth with slightly soapy water and dry it well.

Humidity and temperature

Avoid damp environments for your chair. Direct exposure to water or moisture can cause electrical or mechanical damage.

If the chair has been used in the rain, dry it with a cloth to avoid the risk of rust. Place the chair in a dry, warm place to allow moisture to evaporate and then perform functional checks before using the chair again. Also dry the seat well to maintain the quality of the fabric.


The battery is probably the most important element in power wheelchair maintenance. With use and the passage of time, the capacity of any battery decreases, so it discharges more quickly and needs to be recharged more frequently.

It is difficult to estimate the lifespan of a battery because it depends on many factors, such as the intensity of use, the weight of the user, gradients, the depth of each discharge, continuous or interrupted circulation, and the correct charging process. Usually, however, a battery can last between six months and seven years.

Full and deep charge cycles ensure better performance and longer battery life. Keep batteries fully charged whenever possible.
Remember that batteries that are deeply discharged, not charged after each use or only partially charged suffer accelerated wear, reduced autonomy and shortened service life.


Wheelchair wheels wear out with time and use.

Solid wheels do not present a puncture risk, but being hard they are less able to absorb uneven ground. With use, this phenomenon will become increasingly evident.

Pneumatic wheels, on the other hand, are maintenance-free (just check periodically that the pressure is correct). These wheels absorb shocks better and grip the ground better, making driving much more comfortable, especially when driving long distances or negotiating uneven terrain, kerbs, etc.

Choosing the right electric wheelchair can make life a lot easier for people with mobility problems. Precisely for this reason, it is important to take the time to find the one that best suits your needs. Don't be in a hurry and carefully consider all the options on the market.

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