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Rental of motorized chair rises and falls

Starting from €4.00 per day

Cost per day for a 90-day rental.

Home delivery 25€ +25€ on collection. 

The collection of the equipment in the shop is Free !

From day(Required)

Hire electric crawler chair for transportation by people.

The Step up/down crawler stair lift is indispensable for the transportation of people with temporary disabilities. It is perfect for going down or up stairs and breaking down architectural barriers Favoring the operator for a transportation In total safety. Comply with regulations on the loads, allowing minimum effort and maximum safety for the safely transported person. It is equipped with seat belts, and is comfortable.
The stairlift rental has skids with an increased length that allows constant support on three steps for greater stability.
This Motorized up/down chair for hire has a Lock and Unlock System, which is extremely efficient and functional for patient ascent and descent.

Choose the stair lift rental at home!

Main features:
- Electric track system controlled by a panel built into the handle with a dual tilt system
- Extendable handle for easy transfer
- Foldable
- X-hook seat belts
- Folding armrest for the user
- Samsung battery technology
- Foldable armrests in the backrest and extendable in the lower front to expedite operator rescue
- Security key to activate/deactivate the motor
- Front wheels with swivel stem
- Oversized rear wheels
- Warning acoustic system chair in motion
- Increased engine power

Technical characteristics:
Device dimensions when open (LxWxH): 80x64x101/158 cm
Device dimensions when closed (LxWxH): 105x50x25 cm
Device weight: 30 kg
Maximum load capacity: 190 kg
Front wheels: 10.16 cm
Rear wheels: 25.4 cm
Four levels of telescopic handlebar height: 101-110-140-158 cm
Seat size (LxWxH from the floor): 48x41x52 cm
Footrest size (LxWxH from floor) 20x38x15 cm
Motor output power: 160 w
Motor output voltage/voltage: 20-29.4 v
Adaptable motor voltage/voltage: 110-240v
Motor current: 13.9A
Battery voltage: 24 v

1 Motorized folding chair
2 Patient fastening straps
1 Lithium battery Samsung technology
1 Battery charger
1 Headrest
2 Battery locking wrenches
1 Control keyboard with light,speed adjustment
1 User's Manual

How long do you want to book it for?

15 days €150, 30 days €270, 45 days €380, 60 days €450, 90 days €600

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