Walker rental with padded board

From 1,25 € per day

Cost per day for a 60-day rental.

Home delivery 15€ +15€ at pickup. 

The collection of the equipment in the shop is Free !

From day(Required)

Quando serve un deambulatore a noleggio ?


  • Post lower limb surgery. We are talking for example about the fracture of the femur and fracture of the hip, knee, malleolus and patella;
  • physical rehabilitationa : Post-surgery is an important phase aimed at recovering mobility and our functionality;
  • Weakness in the upper extremities. It may be that our arms cannot support the weight of the body with just the use of a pair of crutches.
    For this reason, as the best solution, we opt for il noleggio di un comodo axillary walker.
  • Se abbiamo problemi di EQUILIBRIO può essere di sollievo poter contare sempre su un supporto stabile.                                                                      E così via…Certe volte serve poco per vivere meglio!
  • Choose il noleggio del deambulatore per la fisioterapia a domicilio!