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Reclining Self-Propelled Wheelchair Rental

From 1,25 € per day

Cost per day for a 60-day rental.

Home delivery 15€ +15€ at pickup. 

The collection of the equipment in the shop is Free !

From day(Required)

Wheelchair with reclining backrest and adjustable footboards.

Sedia a rotelle per anziani  dotata di removable and elevatable footrests, as well as removable armrests, headrests and leg lifts. FOLDING.

IDEAL FOR: seniors, people with limited mobility, people who have recently undergone surgery.

Maximum capacity

120 Kg

Seat width

40 - 46 cm

Depth sitting

40 cm

Transport width

28 cm

Backrest height

65 cm with Headrest

Max height

85 - 90 cm

Maximum Depth

105 cm

Seating height

45 - 50cm


17,5 Kg






Blue (Full wheels)

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