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Hire orthopedic hospital beds obese patients 120cm wide including mattress

From 5,50€ per day

Cost per day for a 90-day rental.

Rental included anti-decubitus mattress.

Home delivery including assembly in Rome 50 € +50 for the withdrawal.

For the cost of delivery outside Rome, please call +39 3926509237

Warehouse pickup Free

From day(Required)

Orthopedic bed rental for obese patients and bariatric patients (for obese people) in Rome and throughout Italy. I beds orthopedics for hire are completely lined with wood, with a steel frame, equipped with remote control, side rails, and sick lift rod. 

The electric hospital beds for rent for obese people are very useful For the in-home care of the disabled and overweight elderly and can support a maximum weight of 300kg.

Home delivery of the hospital beds for hire Is complete with assembly.

The hospital bed rental is included with preventive antidecubitus mattress with complimentary health coverage and mattress covers. I letti for the disabled a rental are a valid alternative to buying expensive beds that are often not functional for the required purpose with unnecessary waste of money. Thanks to many years of experience in the field, M.I.A. Medical Italia, based in Rome, Italy., offers hospital beds rental Rome e hospital beds for rent latest generation. L'rental orthopedic beds On M.I.A. Medical Italia is easy, safe and guaranteed!

How long do you want to book it for ?

30 days - 200 €, 45 days - 280 €, 60 days - 350 €, 90 days - 530 €.