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Narrow Wheelchair/Transit Slim Wheelchair Rental

From 1,25 € per day

Cost per day for a narrow wheelchair rental is 60 days.

Home delivery Of disabled wheelchairs small size  15€ +15€ at pickup.

The pickup and return of the small wheelchair in the warehouse is Free!

From day(Required)

The SLIM, is a snarrow wheeled edia, designed specifically for the narrow passages ( bathroom, elevator, hallways ), perfect as home wheelchair And for all those who seek handicapped wheelchairs of small size. It is foldable, adjustable, and the wheels are full.

The rental of the space-saving folding wheelchair Reduced is suitable for narrow passages. Model handy and lightweight, the small wheelchair is ideal for all those patients who can push themselves independently without the help of a third party.

Minimum rental of the narrow wheelchair is 7 days. Space-saving narrow wheelchair rental is perfect for saving space, designed specifically to reduce its footprint while maintaining the efficiency of a regular wheelchair, with the ability to be folded up and be conveniently carried around.

WHEELCHAIR SIZE: the seats are 40cm or 43cm (width wheelchair disabled). So both in name and in fact, due to the measurements of the wheelchair, the SLIM wheelchair is VERY STRONG, and is not suitable for people weighing more than 80KG.

Save money by renting and leasing the small, narrow, folding wheelchair-it's perfect for home and small spaces!