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SLIM Narrow Passage Wheelchair Rental

From 1,25 € per day

Cost per day for a 60-day wheelchair rental.

Home delivery slim wheelchair 15€ +15€ at pickup. 

Pickup and return of wheelchairs to the warehouse is Free!

From day(Required)

SLIM, is a wheelchair designed specifically for the narrow passages ( bathroom, elevator, corridors ). The small size wheelchair, is foldable, adjustable and the wheels are full. Renting and leasing the slim wheelchair for narrow passages of small size, is easy, safe and convenient! From 1.25€ per day. Save with our policy.

Renting and hiring the Slim Wheelchair in Rome and throughout Italy is an economical alternative to buying, the narrow transit wheelchair is of excellent quality and at the best price. Specially designed for those who have to move in small spaces, such as narrow doorways or elevators with a very small footprint, it is ideal for the elderly, disabled and people who have difficulty or inability to walk due to injury, illness or disability.

NOTE BABY CARRIAGE SIZE: the seats of the wheelchair are either 40cm or 43cm (disabled wheelchair width). So both in name and in fact, the wheelchair SLIM is VERY STRAIGHT, and is not suitable for people weighing more than 80KG.

Renting wheelchairs or wheelchair in Rome has never been easier! Rely on our years of experience in renting aids!