My name is Ingrid and I am the creator of the M.i.a.Moving In autonomy MEDICAL ITALY.

I created MIA MEDICAL ITALIA 6 years ago, but to expand here, telling you about its potential has no relevance; it is instead, to know that behind this ambitious company, there are people like you.

We are a team that works in synergy, loves the work we do and does it with enthusiasm and passion, never looking at the clock!

Often, those who turn to us, is facing a difficult situation and we are aware that he needs a sincere and professional help, to be supported by phone through advice that will guide him in the choice of the best aid, whether for himself or for his loved ones.

I could go on and on, telling you about my CONSTANT COMMITMENT in the field of long term care aids, but this site is the showcase, where I hope all my expertise in this field will shine through.

Happy browsing,