soccer injuriesSoccer injuries: from fatigue to contracture to sprain and ligament injury, here are the ones that need medical aids.

Soccer is the most popular sport in Italy and therefore one of those that statistically cause the highest number of injuries in our country. In fact, we are talking about a contact sport that inevitably exposes players to the risk of trauma or contusions.
But what are the most common injuries in soccer? And what are the recovery times for each of them? Let's start with the most common to get to the most nvalidating ones that may require the use of medical aids.


An action in soccer exposes the player to a physical confrontation that often includes blows against the nails of the opponent's boots. Besides obvious wounds, abrasions or grazes Your muscles, joints and bones may also suffer trauma.

In addition, frequently the consequences of trauma could be a bruise. It consists of the formation of a purplish spot in the injured part, the cause of which can be traced back to the penetration of blood between the tissues that usually occurs a few days after the accident.

How to heal from this injury? In these cases, it is enough to apply ice and special ointments to the affected area. These remedies relieve the symptoms in a short time.

Muscle fatigue

When you play soccer you are constantly straining your muscles. Sometimes you may feel a sudden pain, the cause could be an involuntary contracture. As in the case of trauma, even for these episodes ice, suitable ointments and total rest are enough.


A contracture is caused by the same causes as muscle fatigue. However, in these cases the muscle is unable to function properly as a result of the increased volume of fibrils. However, the pain is mild and not overly acute.

When contracture occurs, total inactivity of the affected part is strongly recommended, although it is not a serious injury.


Excessive extension of the muscle could result in a stretch, which is an excessive stretching of the muscle fibers. This is a much more serious injury than the previous case. A stretch causes acute pain and spasms as the muscle is no longer able to accommodate the required elasticity.

Although it is a more complex injury, even a muscle strain can be treated with the classic methods already explained above. To fully recover, you need to abstain from sports for 15-20 days.

Muscle Tear

If the stretch consists in the excessive stretching of muscle fibers, in the case of the tear they are even severed. The severity of the injury is measured on a scale of three degrees in relation to which the recovery time and treatment required change, at this point of physiotherapy type.


So far, we have analyzed accidents related to the muscular system. Sprains, on the other hand, have to do with the bones, particularly the knee, foot and ankle. These are in fact the joints most stressed in soccer. However, this does not exclude that also the upper limbs could be involved in an accident. Following a physical collision or an unnatural movement, the bone changes and swells; the inevitable consequence is severe pain.

For a full recovery, the player must undergo repeated applications of ice, physiotherapy sessions and must immobilize the affected limb for the rest of the time.

Knee ligament injury

Rupture or injury of both the cruciate and collateral ligaments of the knee is the most serious injury to soccer athletes. It is actually an accident that is double linked to a sprain. In fact, the ligaments join the joints to the skeletal structure. The consequence of an injury is intense pain, swelling of the limb and the inability to put weight on it.

This injury is so serious that surgery may be necessary. Obviously the recovery time to heal the ligament is very long.

Especially for injuries involving the bones, such as sprain or injury to knee ligaments, complete immobility of the limb is a mandatory requirement. So in these cases it is necessary have momentarily available a wheelchair. But which one to choose? Perhaps not everyone knows that there are many types of wheelchairs that vary according to different criteria such as height, weight or the degree of autonomy of the patient. That's why turning to experts is always the best choice.

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