When your loved ones spend a good part of their day in bed,the time has come to introduce a proper bed frame and an anti-decubitus mattress. To be chosen according to their specific needs. A

The Vatican Museums are an accessible place for everyone and within the reach of anyone who feels like spending a few hours in the pursuit of culture. A vast and beautiful attraction that takes hours to visit and,

Carrying out recreational activities throughout the day is essential for everyone, regardless of their physical or mental abilities. It can help one be more self-reliant and promotes social inclusion. It also helps to keep the mind

Today, independence and autonomy are two key elements in people's lives. Sometimes they are limited for reasons beyond our control, such as a disability, an accident, or simply the passage of time.The

All the answers to the most common doubts we may have when we decide to go on vacation by plane with our loved ones. "Traveling and changing places revitalizes the mind," said the philosopher Seneca. Do it

Planning a vacation with a disabled person can seem complicated: how to travel in a wheelchair without stress? How to choose a facility suitable for a wheelchair? What means of transportation to prefer? Is it better to go to the sea or

An architectural barrier is any constructive element that prevents movement and movement from one space to another safely in various domestic environments, particularly for disabled or elderly people with

There are many women with disabilities who are discouraged from becoming mothers and who feel judged on a daily basis for their need to have a family.Prejudices related to the world of disability are still

When choosing a medical bed, two basic criteria should be considered: the type of facility or healthcare unit in which it will be used and the type of patients for whom it is intended. Beds

A wheelchair - also known as a baby carriage, or wheelchair - is a technical aid to mobilitypersonal intended to facilitate locomotion or transportation of a person in a seated position.Wheelchairs